my experience with ketosis diet

The first fifty days of this ketosis diet was challenging. It takes seven weeks to transform your body fully from being fuelled by glucose to that of ketones. This process is a physiological change for the body and I can see why many give up on ketosis dieting in the first week as its tough.

Firstly you basically have a mild headache right between the eyes for seven weeks. It is not unbearable like a migraine it’s very mild but it’s always there and you get use to it after ten to fourteen days. After seven weeks your body has become efficient at using ketones and your weight loss slows.

The fifty day transformation works and you will lose the most weight if you only eat enough protein to not be hungry, this is quite difficult as you tend to be starving as your use to eating whatever and whenever you want. Diet basically means restriction. When you diet you restrict things like carbohydrates, calories, alcohol, etc so there is bound to be some challenges when you diet. I found my protein in energy out = weight loss formula was red meat, starting about at 7oz, about 7am that would sustain me until about 2pm then I would have two sausages and that would sustain me for the rest of the day and I had no dinner. This amount of food halved after seven weeks 3.5oz red meat one sausage (pork sausages from a quality butcher have very little fat).

Something I noticed within the first two weeks was that you could literally feel your stomach detaching from the wall of belly fat as it began to shrink. This lasted about 5 weeks that feeling. I thought it was my stomach growling at first but after eating some more food it didn’t stop that’s when I realized what was going on.

I’ve read a lot about how you get tired with ketosis and I immediately knew the answer, about three years before trying this diet to melt body fat I was getting tired and falling asleep in my wheelchair mid morning each day. I could not work out why and for a long time put my lethargy down to my very little movement you know the saying ”move it or lose it” I thought my tiredness stemmed from no movement but one day when I fell asleep at 8am I finally got around to going to the doctor who immediately gave me a blood test after finding out I was on a no carb diet.

When the results came in the doctor said you are low on folic acid just eat more vegetables to cure your tiredness. I told him it was very difficult for me to cook vegetables having to get pots out, fill them, etc so vegetables are not easily eaten as the process difficult this is when I found one of the ketosis diet secrets……. if you don’t want to be tired or lethargic on this diet take a folic acid supplement every morning when you get up.

My weight loss varied in the first few weeks when I was eating exactly the same food doing exactly the same exercise another puzzling mystery then I cottoned on to the answer I noticed when I drank about 17 Fl oz of water I would lose over a pound a day whereas any less than that and my weight loss was less. I lost 50 lb in 50 days but if I had known the secret of 17 Fl oz of water each day my weight loss over the seven weeks of transformation would have been more.

The final secret I found was when I was looking for an Omega 3 supplement as I didn’t eat any fish, what I found was the most important ingredient I feel to a ketosis diet hemp oil! Hemp oil is derived from the process of cold pressing the hemp seed from the hemp plant. Hemp seed oil contains no THC the active ingredient of marijuana so no you don’t get high but you do get quite a lot of benefits.

If you can fully transform your body being fuelled from glucose to ketones then you achieve what I call ketosis nirvana, the blessed state, as then at that point you will realise how little we humans need to eat and not be hungry. Also, another trick I found was all these ketogenic supplements which really help your body not to run out of vitamins and energy while you’re on ketosis.

If you want to know which I have used, is one supplement with raspberry, because I was scared of not taking these supplements if they had bad taste. So I really recommend it.

You can live in ketosis dabble in carbohydrates and maintain a healthy weight.