Mesotherapy Benefits

It is currently a treatment that can be performed throughout the body, although it is true, not all places can be treated with mesotherapy. In general, it can be said that it is a treatment used mostly in the legs and some parts of the abdomen.

In this article you will know a little more about the technique as a way to lose weight and we will also give you some tips to take into consideration after undergoing this technique.

How Does Mesotherapy Work?

As discussed above, it is a very simple technique used in the area where the accumulated fat is observed. It is a very small needle that is used, so you will hardly feel a minimum discomfort.

In the syringe there are several substances which are shown to mobilize and dissolve fat. One of them is known as L-Carnitine, and there are others less known such as blastoestimulina (a retractor of tissue that prevents stretch marks). Once the session is over, these substances begin to act on the fats, making them more dissolved, so that our body ends up discarding them through the urine.

Tips, Benefits and Precautions to consider after undergoing this procedure

It is necessary to clarify something very important and is that this treatment is not something immediate, but it takes patience instead and several sessions to begin to appear the first results. In the meantime, follow these tips bellow:

  • Take plenty of liquid, so that the fat is easily removed (a very important point to consider).
  • A hypocaloric diet is recommended while you are doing this practice. It is not worth doing the process without eating healthy. So, go to your trusted nutritionist to tell you what type of diet you can do.
  • Perform a proper exercise routine. This will allow you to move even faster, thus obtaining better results.
  • It is totally prohibited to perform massages in the areas where the procedure was performed, and this is usually mentioned by the person doing this technique.

The biggest benefit of this procedure is that it allows you to use this type of medication, which in addition to being used for people with diabetes acts helping to synthesize proteins. It is recommended its injected application because it can avoid gastric acids and is quickly distributed by the whole body.

Like all injections, the most common risk of this procedure is infection. The punctures facilitate the infections of the skin. But anyway, these can be treated with antibiotics without major problem. The greater risk produced is due to the infections produced by the drugs supplied.

Remember that it is not necessary to see immediate changes, but if you want accelerate the process of mesotherapy a little bit more, eat healthy and perform an exercise routine and you will see that your self-esteem will be much higher each day.