Pilates VS. Yoga

Pilates vs. Yoga are two well-known disciplines or methods of working out if you prefer, that are used in order of getting a fit and toned body. Today we are going to explain how pilates and yoga actually work and what kind of benefits they can provide to your body. If you have not been sure what to try first, stay here and make your choice.


If what you are looking for is a toned body, then from Pilates vs. Yoga you should choose Pilates. It emphasizes, in front of the Yoga, in the greater implication of the muscular force, always working without arriving at the hypertrophy. The muscles of the core or central part of the body are the ones that gain the most benefits through working with Pilates.

If you find yourself within a weight loss or dynamic choosing Pilates from Pilates vs. Yoga can help you through building greater muscle mass, which transfers into a fast metabolism, and thus a greater calorie burning throughout the day. In addition, working through the Pilates method is very energizing: it activates our body, favors the production of endorphins and fills us with strength and energy to meet the daily challenges.

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Yoga – in search of peace of mind

Yoga is based on the union of the mind and the body as a single entity: meditation and inner peace is basic in the time of practicing this discipline. If you are looking for basic peace of your mind, then from Pilates vs. Yoga, you should choose Yoga.

Perhaps what most characterizes Yoga is that it is a lifestyle rather than a sports practice: the Yogis realize a journey of self-discovery and personal fulfillment in which, of course, exercise is included, since it gives so much importance to the care of the body. The Pilates vs. Yoga both promote wellness, but Yoga also promotes relaxation, as it releases energy in its static poses. It helps us to reset our body and to detoxify it.

What Pilates and Yoga have in common

Even after reading this post, you think of Pilates vs. Yoga as opposing disciplines, they are actually very alike. Both practices are based on the control of the breathing, although in a different way in each one of them (diaphragmatic in the case of Yoga, and intercostal in the Pilates). The Pilates vs. Yoga also give importance to the postural correction and to the elongation of the muscles and especially of the back.

What These Two Disciplines Do For Us

Pilates vs. Yoga help us to improve our flexibility and our balance, and through its practice, we will notice improvements in the sexual field, in control of stress and at bedtime.

Benefits from practicing Pilates vs. Yoga

If you decide to try Pilates vs. Yoga sometime, then you should know how beneficial these two disciplines are.

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Benefits of Yoga

  • People who practice Yoga, have undoubtedly improved flexibility, as this discipline causes the muscles to stretch by acquiring more muscle movement.
  • Yoga teaches you to breathe better and to perfect your posture.
  • It helps to relax, leaving behind stress and worries.

Benefits of Pilates

  • Delivers muscular balance.
  • Strengthens lungs and activates the circulation.
  • It helps prevent and rehabilitate injuries.
  • It delivers energy and vitality.


No matter which of the Pilates vs. Yoga disciplines you have decided to start with first, make sure you do not give up your trainings. Eat well balanced meals in the meantime and you will soon notice the improvement on your body and spirit with these two techniques.