Victoria Beckham beauty collection

When Victoria Beckham told the world through Facebook Live that she is in the process of creating her own line of cosmetic products, as well as her own perfume, we all went crazy. Their collaboration with Estée Lauder had only 14 products, but they were so successful that, after they sold out, the second release of the collaboration also hung the’sold out’ sign in a matter of hours.

Victoria Beckham recognizes that her work with Estée Lauder has helped her to realize the products she really needs in her toiletry bag, and from this discovery and her eagerness to create a line with scientific solutions and high-quality products her cosmetic line is born. While Madonna triumphs with MDNA, her line of dermatological products, the former pop princess follows in the footsteps of the pop queen and enters the cosmetic universe.

‘Made in Beckham’ Era

victoria beckham colab with estee lauderFrom her collection, we can expect innovative formulas, quality ingredients and impeccable packaging, but it is also possible that the notions of renowned dermatologists such as Harold Lancer, whom Victoria cites as the savior of her skin, and Sarah Chapman, the favorite of Meghan Markle after having passed Victoria’s recommendation. It is more than likely that Meghan will be one of the first to take over Victoria Beckham’s new cosmetics line, as the designer has become her best ally `beauty’ in London.

Its products will undoubtedly be suitable for all skin types, as Victoria has suffered the ravages of acne for many years and is extremely afraid of oily formulas. The most acclaimed product in her collection along with Estée Lauder was her Aura illuminating cream, which works as a first and moisturizing cream thanks to its micro pearls, so I am sure that her new collection will undoubtedly have a renewed and improved version of her greatest success.

Considering that Victoria Beckham needs three different products to remove her makeup, the designer may be looking for a formula that can cleanse the face in one step, so hopefully, her collection will have a powerful cleanser.

She also loves masks, so her collection will probably include some ultra-moisturizing results, one of Victoria’s biggest concerns when it comes to treating her skin. It will also have a serum capable of erasing the ravages of endless flights.

Finally, your collection is more than likely to include a moisturizer with color and sun protection. Her current favorite is Sarah Chapman’s Skin Insurance SPF 30.

victoria beckham beauty lineAlthough in 2006 she launched a perfume with David Beckham, the one she plans to release this year will have nothing to do with the one she then launched with her husband. Many looks and many failed hairstyles have gone by since then and today they are both fashion and beauty gurus. Victoria loves the perfumes of sybarites from Byredo, a prestigious perfume house founded by her friend, Ben Gorham, who may help the designer to create her definitive perfume.

In short, from Victoria Beckham’s new projects we can expect a great team to support her formulas, impeccable design, high-quality ingredients and products that meet Victoria’s needs. Because not all of us spend our lives locked up in an airplane, but whoever has had some problem with a dryness of the face, has had some granite or other or has implored the two steps of Korean cleaning to become fleeting.