vitamins from food

Vitamins for hair and nutrition play an important role in the speed with which your hair will regrow. As shown in your health, the stronger your hair and skin will be. The benefits of good nutrition and quality vitamins and minerals are almost unlimited. Eating a balanced diet with good nutrition will strengthen your immunity. Your blood, heart and bones will benefit and be strengthened. The quality of food and vitamins also play an important role in the appearance of your hair.

Vitamins for Hair in Raw Foods

Foods closer to their original shape such as: baby carrots, raw tomatoes, are better for your body. Also, any leaf or raw spinach and a whole apple are better than a cooked or processed form.

Organic foods are healthier than mass-produced and pesticide-treated vegetables. With this in mind we should eat an organic diet rich in clean foods. Foods like: raw vegetables or steamed for at least 5 servings a day. These vegetables will be: broccoli, carrots, sweet potatoes, asparagus, spinach and pumpkins.

Grilled Meats

Eat raw fruits 2 to 3 times a day, low-fat meats with high protein value, 2 a day. Also add grilled or baked meats and chicken free of hormones. Also consider the tuna, salmon or fillet of half a kilo, egg whites or whey protein.
Also, dry beans and lentils are added twice a week, plus sugar-free gelatin to aid in the growth of nails. This low calorie, nutrient-rich simple diet is a great start to a healthy life.

The Multivitamins

Choosing a multivitamin is important to achieve health and also benefit the hair. Make sure you buy a good quality gel or vitamin capsule that contains everything you need. Choose those containing calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, biotin, cinnamon, L-carnitine and vitamin-C. Also make sure they are of natural constitution.

One very effective for hair is Nuviante. It is a formula for hair growth. It is powerful and amazing because that not only helps in hair loss, but it will also restore hair damage on many levels. You can buy it in capsule form. With this you will not have to spend time in applying compresses to your scalp.

Massages and Hair Washing

You will have to massage your hair before washing. Place the fingers on each side of the head and turn the fingers in small circular movements, which cover the entire area of the scalp. It increases circulation in both healthy hair and skin. This will be of great help to better assimilate the vitamins for the hair.

Walking and General Physical Activity

Last but not least, exercise five times a week for 30 minutes. Try to turn on your radio, dance and start sweating and have fun. Get out and play. Take your dog away from home and run with them, play ball with them and enjoy playing as a child. Take a walk, try yoga, or dance the belly.

This not only increases your metabolism, multiplies the endorphins and produces a happy mood. As an additional benefit that will increase your metabolism, it will accelerate hair growth, helping circulation, improving sleep and decreasing appetite. This can easily be incorporated into your daily life, as well as being very fun. These exercises are an excellent complement to vitamins for hair.