how to travel

Are you already in countdown mode for the holidays? Well, just know that the travel industry is adapting to the times when healthy lifestyles, solidarity, and posture on social networks are triumphing. If you also want to update yourself and, above all, disconnect from your routine but traveling in a different way, learn about the new ways to enjoy the planet. We’ve loved them, we hope you’ve loved them too.


We are used to going on holiday to visit monuments, go on a binge with friends or relax on the beach. Then take note of something more and more requested. It’s about traveling to get in shape physically and mentally: yoga retreats, slimming treatments, coaching sessions, holistic cruises… It’s about wellness, relaxation, recharging, and rejuvenation. And in a personalized way.

Multigenerational Holidays

Not only on important dates such as Christmas or birthdays, to enjoy the family as much as possible nothing better than traveling together, and that also includes grandparents and, why not, uncles, cousins, nephews or any other relative who wants to join. A holiday, however, tailored to each individual, with appropriate plans and services for different generations.

Escapes to Remote Locations in Pop up Hotels

Do you literally want to live a unique experience? Then start by choosing a destination outside the tourist circuits where no one has ever set foot before (whether adventurous or scientific), such as deserts, glaciers, caves, islands, jungles, mountains, salt flats… Then, they set up a luxurious tent hotel exclusively for you and with all the luxuries imaginable. No one else will ever have that same experience again. Blink by Black Tomato is one of the first companies to offer these deluxe adventures.


For those who share photos on Instagram or other social networks on a daily basis, the selfies fall short and are already demodé. Now, the best thing is to hire a local photographer so that the snapshots are perfect and your memories of the trip are immortalized by a pro’, that is to say, with an aesthetic worthy of any top magazine. And it’s very comfortable, you don’t need to carry the tripod, nobody gets left out of the photo and they take you to the most beautiful places… All advantages! The reference website for connecting photographers from all over the world with travelers is called Travelshoot. And as is often the case, the more hours of photo shoots, more locations, and more photos edited, the more expensive it is: there are three types of reservations, $325, $485 and $725.

Luxury Volunteerism

What if instead of going on a holiday of partying, beach and dissolute living, you also get into the harsh reality of some countries? That is, traveling to help communities in need with charitable activities. It’s not about having a hard time (although in a way it is), but about developing your empathy while contributing to improving other people’s lives, about that impact enriching you (and perhaps changing you as a person more than a psychologist). But don’t think, in this type of trip there is also time for leisure and to soak up the culture of that place: the number of hours you want to dedicate to solidarity is up to you. If you are interested, G2G works with a wide range of NGOs.